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Proclamation March Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month - 2017-03-01
"The month of March, 2017 has been designated as National Developmental Disabilities Month in order to celebrate and recognize people with disabilities." More

Health Tip: Identify Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue - 2017-09-26
"Here are typical warning signs" More

ERs Prescribing Opioids at Lower Doses, Shorter Durations - 2017-09-26
"Patients who receive these prescriptions are less likely to progress to long-term use, study shows." More

U.S. Pays a Hefty Price for Obesity - 2017-09-26
"Lifetime costs add up for diseases, lost productivity, study finds." More

Mexican-Americans Have Increased Risk for Liver Disease - 2017-09-25
"Mexican-Americans are more likely to be obese, have diabetes, and be heavy drinkers, according to a study presented at the 10th AACR Conference on The Science of Cancer Health Disparities in Racial/Ethnic Minorities and the Medically Underserved, held from Sept. 25 to 28 in Atlanta." More

Blacks, Elderly Missing From U.S. Cancer Clinical Trials - 2017-09-25
"Women are also underrepresented, researchers find." More

AAP Offers Guidance for Infectious Disease in Sports - 2017-09-25
"Participation in organized sports can potentially expose athletes to infectious diseases, with major risk factors including skin-to-skin contact, environmental exposures and physical trauma, and sharing of equipment, according to a clinical report published online Sept. 25 in Pediatrics." More

Physical Activity Tied to Lower Mortality, CVD on Global Level - 2017-09-25
"On a global level, higher recreational and non-recreational physical activity is associated with a lower risk of mortality and cardiovascular disease events, according to a large study published Sept. 21 in The Lancet." More

Health Tip: Medication Use After a Natural Disaster - 2017-09-25
"Lack of essential services may compromise some drugs" More

Putting Wine on a Diet - 2017-09-25
"Calories come with that enjoyable taste." More

Cancer Patients May Have Undiagnosed Depression - 2017-09-25
"Mental health screening at start of and during cancer treatment is vital, study author says." More

Don't Let the Tick Stick - 2017-09-24
"Dermatology expert offers advice on tick removal and avoiding them in the first place." More

Effect of Osteoporotic Fractures Similar to Diabetes Burden - 2017-09-22
"Osteoporotic fractures and complications of diabetes similarly impact quality of life, according to a study published online Sept. 12 in the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice." More

Bicycling 'Overloads' Movement Networks With Parkinson's - 2017-09-22
"Bicycling suppresses abnormal beta synchrony in the Parkinsonian basal ganglia, according to a study published online Sept. 11 in the Annals of Neurology." More

'Off-Roading' Threat May Lurk in the Air - 2017-09-22
"Riders should think about toxic exposures, not just injuries: study." More

2332 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)